I’m your regular working gal with an incurable addiction to travel and a middle income budget.  My favorite type of travel is the one that combines UNESCO sites and crystal water beaches. Sightseeing in the morning, and beaches and cocktails in the afternoon.

The travel bug bit me early in life. I was lucky enough to be raised by parents who believed that playing in a sandbox with kids who spoke different language was part of the well-rounded education. I was 16 when I first went abroad all by myself, and by 19 I moved to the U.S. I love my adopted country but I’ll never stop wanting to see more.

My travel style is neither full-on luxury nor this backpacking business. I was always too old for that and too broke for the Ritz, but that never stopped me from going places. There are so many ways to see the world, it would be ridiculous to allow self-imposed limitations to stop you.

I hope Time Off Society becomes a source of inspiration to take time off, escape for a long weekend, use up all your vacation days, laugh and see the world less traveled (and sometimes stomped out grounds). We are also going to do that in style and on appropriate budget, because as the very smart saying goes – you can have anything you want, just not everything.

Best travels,