Dreaming is not Canceled

Bar hopping Anguila style

I saw this phrase on instagram, and I couldn’t agree more. Yes, these are unprecedented and uncertain times. Now everything looks scary and apocalypse-like. But humanity has survived plagues before with much less advanced medicine and resources. This shall pass. And we will travel again. Planes will fly, hotels will fill up with people. Even more so, when all this is over, and we’ve hugged everyone, people will want to get away. 

The thaw of isolation and fear will be slow, but we will come out of our dwellings. I can’t wait to go for a swim in the ocean and layout in the sun. Maybe not everyone will be confident enough to get on the plane and jet off, let’s say to Italy, but I’m telling you – people will be going to the beach.

Boating in Anguila
Bar hopping Anguilla-style.

With differing predictions coming from all corners, it’s fair to say – no one really knows anything. But for whenever this happens, the airlines currently are offering amazing deals going a year ahead with no fees to change itineraries. 

Without really knowing the future, I still want to plan for one. I’ll start with baby steps, venturing out to the close-by places. I’m lucky enough to live on the east coast of the US from where 3-4 hour flight can get me to several places with sandy beaches and clear waters. Here are my top 5 places to travel to the after-coronavirus era.


Not the easiest to get to, but definitely worth it. Unlike the more popular Caribbean destinations, Anguilla doesn’t have mega-hotels, and thus the island is sparsely populated. Which is always a good thing but even more so when you’re still hesitant to be next to people less than 6 feet away. 

Four Seasons in Anguila
Four Seasons, Anguilla.

St. Martin

Next door to Anguilla, easier to get to and offers the same azure waters, boating and plenty of beach bars. 

St. Martin

Turks and Caicos

Gorgeous island with plenty to do for those who like water activities and great food. Go snorkeling right at the beach or hire a boat to tour the surrounding islands. This is also a great place to pick up a new hobby – kitesurfing on Grace Bay. 

St. Martin
St. Martin

Costa Rica

Not too close, not too far, Costa Rica is a wonderful option. Manuel Antonio is a small paradise enclave with wide beaches and restaurants on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Lots of things to do if you like adventurous stuff like white water rafting, zip-lining, and hanging out with monkeys and iguanas. 

You’ll find quite few American expats living and working here in the hospitality and restaurant industry or teaching yoga. English is widely spoken and they have great coffee. 

Also, important to note that as of mid-April, Costa Rica has under a thousand cases of COVID-19 and strict restrictions in place to control the spread. 

Costa Rica sunsets
Sunsets in Manuel Antonio are the best.


I will always love Mexico and I’ll put it on every list there is. Yucatan peninsula is dependent on tourism and they take their business seriously. 

When the swine flu hit in 2009, the Yucatan felt it hard. In September we went there on the cheapest deal ($400) that included a flight and an all-inclusive hotel for four nights. It was empty. They were cleaning and scrubbing every inch every hour of the day. People were uneasy about traveling to Mexico for a long time, although under 400 people died from the swine flu in Mexico and over 12,000 in the U.S. in 2009. Facts always help put things in perspective. 

Tulum in Mexico
Tulum, Mexico

There is a lot of talk about how different our lives will be after this pandemic. Maybe we’ll finally keep the habit of washing hands thoroughly for good? Will handshakes go away? I hope not. Maybe we will always wear masks in highly populated situations like airplanes? But Travel and Leisure experts and I agree – we will travel again.

Where will you go on your first trip after COVID-19 travel restrictions have been lifted? 

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